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As an organizer and co-founder of the internationally respected Pioneer Club of New York, Joe Yancey was a relentless force in nurturing the natural talents of track and field athletes.  His unceasing dedication produced numerous national champions.
Since its founding in 1936, the Pioneer Club has never turned down an athlete because of race, creed or lack of ability.  That philosophy has produced a proud record and continues to prosper today.  Part of the Club’s creed states, “the New York Pioneer Club was organized, to work toward better racial understanding through the medium of education and athletics.”  The club has been more like a national resource, tapping sometimes unwanted talent and producing national champions.  There has been at least one representative of the Olympics from the Pioneer Club every year since the games were renewed following World War II.  New York Pioneer Club athletes under the tutelage of the late Coach Yancey experienced great success winning many individual and team titles, indoor and outdoor, national and international.
It is clear that Joe’s dedication was not limited by national boundaries.  The State Department sponsored him on several trips around the world to coach, lecture and conduct clinics.  Other nations sought his experience, always with excellent results.  He was head coach of the Jamaican Olympic team in 1948, 1952 and 1956, the British Guyana team in 1960, and the Barbados team.
In 1952 Joe sent off six Pioneers to the Helsinki Olympics, Jim Gathers, Meredith Gourdine, Ted Corbitt, George Shaw, Marty Engel and Reginald Pearman.  In the 1952 Olympic games, he was also responsible for Jamaica’s “Flying Quartet” which set a new record in the 1,600 meters relay.  He went on to coach the Ceylon team in the Asian Games in Tokyo and in the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales.  In 1968 Coach Yancey added the US Virgin Islands to the list of Olympic teams he coached.
He was the first coach to go abroad for the US State Department to coach, give lectures, conduct clinics and serve as a good will ambassador.........................continueJoseph_Yancy_2.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0
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