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In 1975, Coach Yancey was inducted into the Black Athletes Hall of Fame.  He was also inducted into the National Track and Field Hall of Fame and the Harlem Professionals, Inc.  Hall of Fame.  In 1983 he was the recipient of the Bob Giegengack Award for outstanding service to track and field.
Joe was born in New York City in 1910.  He attended Virginia State College before graduation from New York University.  He worked for the Internal Revenue Service.
Joe Yancey was a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and a life member of the prestigious 369th Veterans Association, Inc.  The 369th Armory was for years the club’s winter training grounds and the site of the great annual Pioneer Meets that closed the New York indoor track season in the 1950’s.
His family consists of his wife, Josephine Greaux Yancey, three daughters, Yvonne Y. Mayers, Michele Y. Walton and Josephine Y. Skeete.
In May 2001 the Joseph J. Yancey, Jr. Senior Citizen Housing in Harlem was dedicated.  It exists as a continuing reminder of Joe’s concern for others.                                                                                                                                           back
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