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Choosing the Island of Jamaica, W.I. changed my life and that of countless hundreds of thousands worldwide.
Anger, revolt, despair and all those age old enemies that say you cannot achieve were mercilessly torn asunder through men like McKinley, Rhoden, Wint, and LaBeach.
Herbert McKinley, Dr. George Rhoden, Dr. Arthur Wint, Byron LaBeach and names now seemingly lost in time were fostered there.
As PATRON, my debt to Jamaica, W.I. can never be fulfilled or repaid. What an enormous burden to bear. Without the sacrifices of dedicated Jamaicans, I would not have heard of the Olympic victory at 400 meters by Herbert McKinley so many years earlier.
Jamaica origins reflected into Africa through these great Jamaicans.  The Olympic Champion at 800 meters Melvin Witfield would personally contribute to the development of African Runners.  All African runners owe a debt to Jamaica, W.I.  greatness has origins!

I designed a watch for the high school boys and girls of Jamaica, W.I. as a partial payment of a debt that cannot be repaid.  The face of the watch reads JAMAICA FLYER with a track shoe on either side of the face.

I shall use the same watch as a fundraising vehicle to build several all-weather tracks at the Jamaica High Schools.  The first facility will be named for JOSEPH YANCEY. The plaque to be prominently displayed at the first All-Weather Track Facility will contain the contributions of Joseph Yancey.  Two key coaches worked with Joseph Yancey, Horace Wall and Edward Levy.  Their photographs and biographical data will also be placed with that of Mr. Yancey.  All three took me from my $5.00 per week room on 151st Street, in 1953-54.
In the years 2004, 2008, 2012 parades will be held in Kingston, Jamaica to welcome home Olympic Champions.  The JAMAICA FLYER WATCH is a harbinger of greatness in transition from generation to generation in Jamaica, W.I.
May the spirit of prudence, faith, dedication, memory and thankfulness continue to exist and grow on the present and future Jamaican track and field participants.
God Bless Jamaica, God Bless America, my home sweet home!!                                                         backOrigins_of_Jamaica_Flyers.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0

Reginal Pearman and Harry Bright

Buffalo, NY 1955